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GrindClean Lubricants
World Class Grinding Coolants and Cutting Fluids

GrindClean Lubricants range of products was developed over the last 10 years in response to customer demand. Customers were looking, and asking for a range of better more efficient high performance grinding coolants yet at the same time had to be environmentally friendly and economical on initial purchase price and in use.

Grinding machine technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds during the last decade. We found that the only thing available at the time was the the same old coolants used by our fathers for the last 30 years.

Time to get into the 21’st century.

Today’s grinding machines grind 2, 3 and even 4 times faster than 10 years ago. Grinding wheel performance has been keeping up with technology with new high temperature bonds and core designs But until recently when it came to coolants you were faced with the same choices.

We have changed all that.

With coolant pressures now reaching in excess of 600 psi, the demand for high performance specialized coolant programs has never been more intense. That’s why you need to turn to GrindClean Lubricants for real performance and productivity.

GrindClean Lubricants specializes in Grinding Coolants and Grinding Coolants only. This is our job.

We have full laboratory and analytical facilities at our West Coast location where we can quickly analyze your current coolant and pinpoint any problems, make recommendations and improve your cutting performance while reducing your costs through higher output.

No matter where you are we have you covered. With locations on the East and West Coast and soon in the Mid West, you can be sure that we will keep your freight costs and lead times to a minimum.
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